You have only one life to live and this is it... What are you waiting for? It is You who contains the key to transform your life from your current reality to a whole NEW possibility!

  • Learn how to take 100% responsible for your life so that you can punch through any resistance and fear that is preventing you from experiencing joy & peace in your life
  • Discover your core inner values and learn how to align with them, so your life becomes congruent and powerful
  • Imagine what it would feel like to relax into your own skin and love what you do and who you are...knowing that You are enough!
  • Learn how to shift any lingering negative thought patterns that are preventing you from loving your life and animating your wild heart!
  • Discover the power of courage so that you can DO that one thing (or a few things) that scare the *bleep* out of you
Is This You?
  • Do you feel something stirring inside that is dying to be 'let out of the box'?
  • Do you feel confined or confused by 'status quo' and something in you wants the freedom to express all that you are?
  • Are you struggling with being 100% okay with being 'different' because there is still a part of you that is seeking approval from 'out there' causing you to get stuck in life's holding patterns?
  • Do you feel like you have gathered tons of information and KNOW what you need to do in order to break open and free and yet, you can't seem to push through to that next level?

Maybe you are already aware of the current 'new age' or 'quantum physics' information such as...

  • What you vibrate is what you attract
  • You have the power to change your reality
  • You are 100% responsible for your life and no one is to blame
  • All you need to do is become aware of and change your limiting beliefs and thoughts in order to shift your current reality and emotional state
  • You are an emotional energetic being, where you focus your attention is what you will experience
BUT here is the thing...
You may think that you are living in alignment with these Universal laws (and you know what you need to do) YET NOTHING seems to be changing...So what is needed to bridge this gap & break the 'holding patterns' of your life?
Rarely have Women been fully heard, witnessed, or encouraged to be 'WILD' ... We have been taught to be silent & that being WILD is DANGEROUS right? Enough I say, it is time claim that which is real and totally 100% authentic within...

how your life could be transformed if you had an experienced guide to help you identify & claim your Wild Women fully, letting go of fear and resistance, claiming responsibility, and shifting limiting beliefs so that you can punch through...and
live a power-full, Self-responsible, & incredible life!

Let me Introduce myself...

Hi! That is me,
Jennifer Summerfeldt, laughing, as my life-partner was trying to capture a picture of the essence of my joy without knowing it, during a time in my life where the notion of joy felt so far removed from my reality. This picture has helped me remember that inside of myself was and is, abundance, joy, and peace...From here on forth, I declared LIFE!

Soul Birth ~ Midwifery for the Soul was born from a deep desire to merge my gift as a natural counselor with three passions:
Human Peak Performance, Birth Work, and Soul Contemplations. I Use birth as a metaphor to guide the way, along with my prior experience as an apprenticing midwife & birth worker.

More importantly is how I managed to pull myself out of my own '#$%*' and live a love-filled soulful life. I pull upon my experience as a mother of 3 that has lived an unconventional life, became totally undone, faced life chaos fully, and tapped into my wild women self.
I am able to offer women authentic, soul based, compassionate care with an unconditionally loving ear to help you shift from a place of fear,trepidation, or resistance to that of courageous passion that is wild & free!


You have changed my life in a way that I never imagined. I feel empowered, joyful, open and beautiful. Jennifer is a gifted healer and I am amazed by her intuition, grace and open heart. Every time I felt my strength waning you had the vision and presence to see me through blocks and barriers I didn't even know existed. It was like you were in my heart and you just saw me and cared for my soul and I am so grateful." ~ Janaya Ellis, Souljah Fyah, Waymatea's Words of Dreadlock Wisdom

Jennifer is a revolutionary thinker and teacher about both physiological childbirth and birth as a metaphor. She is a powerful speaker and an effective - but always compassionate -facilitator.  Tamsin Bohnet, Writer, Homeschooling Mother

Throughout a time of personal grief and chaos Jennifer remained a loyal and insightful companion, offering me a place to collapse yet also to rebuild. She offered me grounded, objective and compassionate observations, a unique perspective on grief as a conduit to personal transformation, and many tools to help me interpret my circumstances and understand myself.  She is gifted with a disposition which seeks to understand, clarify, and nurture rather than preach, talk at, or force. Jennifer has the ability to relate and speak with a wide range of people on a wide range of powerful subjects. ~ Laura Jeffreys

Jen doesn't beat the drum of "what is" in birth, she will expand your mind to see the potential that women have for growth and ecstasy by embarking on the path with excitement and an open mind... yes, there is a lot more to birth than we have been told, commonly imagine or expect!" ~ Sherry Rothwell, Holistic Nutritionist & Online Marketing Genius